Task management integrations

Send your incident with your favorite Task management platforms like JIRA, ClickUp, and Linear.app

Some incidents need to be temporarily resolved as they could time-sensitive. There could be additional fixes and planning needed for a more long-term resolution. For increased collaboration and planning, we have built popular integrations with Task management providers.

Who can send incidents?

We believe Incident Management is a responsibility everyone should share. So, anyone from your team will have the access to send incident details and create tickets/tasks/issues on your project management platform

Are these integrations bi-directional?



For most integrations, we don't get access to any info. If we do get any access then we don't read your project management platform's data including user info, task info, project info, etc. We only send incident data.

We do plan on extending support for more integrations. Please write to us at support@spike.sh to request one

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