Integrate Spike with Tenderly

Service and Integration

Make sure to make a Tenderly integration and copy the webhook URL.

pageCreate integration and service on our dashboard

Using Webhooks with Tenderly

Step 1

From the left-hand menu, go to Alerts -> Destinations tab, where you'll see a list of all the available destinations.

Step 2

To create a webhook alert destination, click on the Webhook card, which will open up the configuration modal. You'll be prompted to configure the following options:

  • Webhook name - Must be unique and cannot be changed later

  • Webhook URL - Paste the Spike integration URL here

  • Description - Optional parameter, but you can use it to provide more information about the webhook configuration

Step 3

Add webhook and save the destination. If everything works as expected and you've received the event, click on the Add Webhook button. This action will add the new webhook destination to the Active Destinations list.

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