How to change incident status?

Responders can choose to change incident status on phone alerts, slack and on the dashboard. More support for changing statuses on email and slack is coming soon

From the dashboard

You will see open incidents on the dashboard. Select a single incident with the checkbox on the left-hand side and hit the Acknowledge button on top. Similarly, you can choose to Resolve by using the adjacent button.

Multiple incidents

Alternatively, you can choose multiple incidents to change status by selecting each incident or use the dropdown to quickly select all incidents that match the criteria.

From phone call

On the phone alert, you can take immediate actions by -

  1. Press 4 to Acknowledge

  2. Press 6 to Resolve

  3. Press 9 to Escalate

Phone calls are restricted to 420 characters which we believe should suffice to give you the context of the incident.

You will get a voice confirmation on the same call upon incident status change

From Slack

All alerts on Slack will have actionable buttons to Acknowledge and Resolve incidents.

Upon status change, the relevant Slack messages will update to reflect them. This also applies if anyone changes the status via Phone, Email, SMS, or from the Dashboard too.

From Email

Use the following actions to change incident status directly from email by replying -

  1. #res to resolve

  2. #ack to acknowledge

Upon status change, we do not send a confirmation

From SMS

Send an SMS from your registered phone number to change incident status.

  1. #<incident_id> res to resolve. (example: #2071 res)

  2. #<incident_id> ack to acknowledge. (example: #1226 ack)

The SMS action doesn't depend on replying to our message. It only relies on you sending us a message. This means if you don't have SMS in your escalation policy and then choose to perform the above action, it would still work.

Upon status change, we do not send a confirmation

From mobile website

Our dashboard page and incident details page are mobile compatible. You can check open incidents and relevant incidents on your mobile and change incident statuses.

visit on mobile to access the dashboard.

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