Integrate Spike with Elastic Cloud

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Elastic Cloud integration and copying the webhook.

pageCreate integration and service on our dashboard

Using Webhooks with Elastic Cloud

Step 1

In the alerts and insights section, navigate to rules and connections. Then create a new rule.

Step 2

While creating a rule, select the webhook action.

Step 3

Paste the Spike webhook URL and save.

Step 4

Paste the JSON payload provided below for the webhook action.

	"kibanaBaseUrl": "{{kibanaBaseUrl}}",
	"alert": {
		"actionGroup": "{{alert.actionGroup}}",
		"actionGroupName": "{{alert.actionGroupName}}",
		"actionSubgroup": "{{alert.actionSubgroup}}",
		"id": "{{}}"
	"context": {
		"anomalyExplorerUrl": "{{{context.anomalyExplorerUrl}}}",
		"isInterim": "{{context.isInterim}}",
		"jobIds": "{{context.jobIds}}",
		"message": "{{context.message}}",
		"score": "{{context.score}}",
		"timestamp": "{{context.timestamp}}"
	"rule": {
		"id": "{{}}",
		"name": "{{}}",
		"tags": "{{rule.tags}}",
		"type": "{{rule.type}}"

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