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Integrate Spike with Elastic Cloud

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Elastic Cloud integration and copying the webhook.

Using Webhooks with Elastic Cloud

Step 1
In the alerts and insights section, navigate to rules and connections. Then create a new rule.
Step 2
While creating a rule, select the webhook action.
Step 3
Paste the Spike webhook URL and save.
Step 4
Paste the JSON payload provided below for the webhook action.
"kibanaBaseUrl": "{{kibanaBaseUrl}}",
"alert": {
"actionGroup": "{{alert.actionGroup}}",
"actionGroupName": "{{alert.actionGroupName}}",
"actionSubgroup": "{{alert.actionSubgroup}}",
"id": "{{alert.id}}"
"context": {
"anomalyExplorerUrl": "{{{context.anomalyExplorerUrl}}}",
"isInterim": "{{context.isInterim}}",
"jobIds": "{{context.jobIds}}",
"message": "{{context.message}}",
"score": "{{context.score}}",
"timestamp": "{{context.timestamp}}"
"rule": {
"id": "{{rule.id}}",
"name": "{{rule.name}}",
"tags": "{{rule.tags}}",
"type": "{{rule.type}}"