Link uptime to Status Page

Linking uptime with your status page would automatically update the status page when your uptime goes down and recovers when your uptime recovers

How to setup?

Add or Edit any Uptime and link a Status Page in it's settings. You can link one or more components of a status page to your uptime. Every time your uptime goes down, the component will see a new incident that changes the component's status from Operational to Degraded performance.

One uptime can be linked to one status page. However, one status page can be linked to any number of uptimes.

To unlink a status page with uptime, hover over the status page section on your uptime and the unlink action icon will appear. Click, confirm and your status page is unlinked.

How many uptimes can be linked to a status page?

We don't limit this. In fact, you can link as many components of a single status page

If uptime is down, what status is reflected on Status page?

By default, the status will be Degraded performance. You can't change this as of now.

When uptime recovers, would the status page show operational automatically?


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