Override an on-call

Overriding gives you the ability to add someone on-call to cover others shift for a specific period of time

What is an on-call override?

Overrides give you the ability to plan on-call coverage for the absence of members in the schedule. Have a dentist's appointment or had a rough week and don't wish to be on-call? Creating an override to get a member from your team to cover the schedule instead of editing your entire schedule.

An on-call override does not repeat like your regular schedule. This makes it easier for someone to be on-call temporarily for a specific period of time

Adding an override

To add an override, visit your on-call schedule > settings > override

From the above example, Jay will be on-call from 28th April midnight to 30th April midnight. Adding a comment helps give context for the override.

Deleting an override

You can remove an override using the delete icon from within the schedule. You needn't edit the on-call schedule to delete the override layer.

How many overrides can we add?

You can choose to add as many overrides as you want.

Ensure to delete the older overrides so as to avoid confusion. If two overrides overlap then the last added will take precedence.

Editing an on-call schedule

You will not see override layers while editing an on-call schedule. This is by design as overrides don't tend to repeat.

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