Create Status page

Create status page to show the status of your system components.

Inside the Status Pages dashboard, click on the dropdown in the top navbar. You will see the list of status pages that you have created. Click on 'Create status page' link.

Step 1: Add status page details

Add Status page details like name and description.

The subdomain will be used for the URL at which your status page will be visible.

You should upload a logo so your customers can identify your status page.

Select the status as 'Public' to make the status page visible to anyone with the link to the status page.

Step 2: Add components to the status page

In the same form, you can add the different components of your system that you want to show the status for. For example, components can be website, web app dashboard, mobile app, API, important microservices and so on.

For each component, add the name and description.

You can choose a start date which is the start time from which the historical stats for the component will be shown.

Finally, choose the status for the component. At any time, a component can be in the following states - Operational, Degraded performance, Partial outage, Critical outage and Planned maintenance.

You should be able to see your new status page in the dashboard.

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