Run Playbooks manually

Playbooks can be run manually by a click of a button with progress on each step's execution

User Interaction

Users can manually trigger Playbooks directly from the dashboard or any incident detail page. You will find a dedicated "Playbooks" button on each page. When a Playbook is run, a modal will appear to show the progress of each action step by step.

Multiple incidents

A Playbook can be executed for either a single incident or multiple incidents at once. This is handy in case you wish the same response actions across different incidents concurrently.


Default settings permit all users to trigger Playbooks, with admin capabilities to adjust access and control execution rights as needed.

Customization Before Triggering

At present, Playbooks do not offer the option for users to customize actions or settings prior to execution. The steps set within a Playbook proceed as predefined without alterations.

Notifications and Logging

The manual initiation of a Playbook is logged within for record-keeping; however, no direct notifications are sent out to team members regarding the Playbook run.

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