What is Spike?

Spike is a simple incident management platform. We help teams by collating and alerting the right team about incidents which affects your customer.

Spike acts as central intelligence delivering platform's health reports and increasing transparency across multiple services with incidents.

Focussing on simplicity

Spike's mission is to reduce the complexity of managing incidents and make it simple so teams of all sizes use it.

Our platform consists of 5 main parts -

  1. Integrations

  2. Services

  3. Escalations

  4. Alerts

  5. Reports

To get in depth, please reach out to us at demo@spike.sh or book a call directly on our calendly.


We integrate with a number of services and tools so you can use Spike as a central intelligence as we gather incidents and alert the right person for each incident. You can add unlimited number of integrations to your account. Each integration would have a separate identifiable token so you needn't worry about incidents mixing up and rest knowing that we have got you covered.

We recently released Quick Setup for integrations. You can add new integrations to already existing services in just 10 seconds.

We have a growing list of integrations. If you don't see an integration you need then email us at integrations@spike.sh and we will build it for you.


Services on spike

You can think of services as a microservice. Services are a way to scope your internal services from your architecture. Each of your service can have multiple integrations and you can create unlimited number of services. We highly encourage you to create different services for each of your different modules.

You can create services by just adding a name to it. No other field is required. With the power of unlimited services, you can create a blueprint of your entire architecture on Spike. This way, we will tell which service is affected and what is the current health status in terms of open incidents.


Multiple escalation policies

We provide simplicity by un-complicating escalation policies by allowing you to choose your alert channels. Anyone from your team can create escalation policies you can easily use. With the power of unlimited escalations, you can create escalations policies just for your self or one for your team and one for every team in your organization.


Reports on spike

No matter the size of your team, we believe everyone should have access to reports to bring in transparency to know how your platform measures in terms of open incidents. We provide you reports for number of incidents, Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR), Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA) segregated by each service and aggregated for the entire platform across multiple timelines.