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Integrate with Sentry

Service and Integration

In your account, make sure that you have the service and integration already setup for Sentry. You can check the link below to learn how to do that.
This guide talks about connecting from inside your Sentry account with the help of's deep integration. If you want to use the older webhook method of connecting Sentry to, please use this guide.

Use Integration on Sentry

    On Sentry, go to settings > Integrations and install our native Integration.
Select in your Sentry account
    Sentry will redirect you to to select an existing Sentry integration that should be connected to your Sentry account.
Select integration on
    Once you have installed and the installation is verified, visit Alerts section in your Sentry account and click on Create Alert rule.
Select alerts from sidebar
    Add your conditions for alerts and in actions select Send a notification via an integration and then Select
    You can test the integration alerts by generating a new error on Sentry.
If you face any issues then please ping us from this page or email at [email protected]
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