Shortcut integrations helps you create stories from incidents with all it's details

How to setup Shortcut?

To connect Shortcut, head to Settings > Organisation and find the Task management integrations section. The connect will ask you for your Shortcut API key. Once saved, Spike will validate the token to safely authenticate and create stories.

Spike does not read any of your data from Shortcut.

How to create a story on Shortcut from Spike?

There are 2 ways

  1. From the dashboard

2. From the incident details page

You can pre-configure your story before sending to Shortcut.

Automating with Playbooks

You can automate creating stories on Shortcut with Playbooks. The example below would create a Shortcut story for every new incident with Error in title on our Notification service.

The Playbook will also be available for members with permissions to run

Once setup, every member across every team from your account will have access to create stories on Shortcut from Spike

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