Acknowledge timeout

Set a timeout for when an incident is acknowledged but not resolved in the given time frame. Acknowledge timeout helps your team by reminding you of incidents in non-resolved state

What is acknowledge timeout?

After acknowledging the incident, if it is not resolved in given amount of time then it will return to triggered state. Escalations and alerts will resume again.

Many-a-times, you or your team-mate would acknowledge an incident but never get around to resolving it for multitude of reasons. This is where the acknowledge timeout feature comes in handy.

You can set acknowledge timeout in minutes to all of your new and existing integrations by editing a service or adding a new service.

What is an ideal Acknowledge timeout?

This really depends on the integration. The more critical it is the shorter the timeout should be.

Here's what we recommend -

  1. Critical integration - 20 minutes

  2. Severe but not critical integration - 60 minutes

  3. Non-severe and non-critical integration - Leave it blank.

You don't need an Acknowledge timeout for every integration.

Please make sure to keep a generous timeout and avoid keeping short times like 5 or 10 minutes. Keeping short timeouts will end up in way too many alerts you did rather ignore.

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