Priority and Severity

Determine and set incident's priority to indicate urgency and severity to indicate possible damage

Not all incidents are critical or need to be resolved immediately. To help understand an incident better, we bring you two critical components to every incident - Priority, and Severity.


Assign a priority to your incident to indicate the urgency to resolve it. If the incident repeats itself, the set priority will be automatically assigned.

Available priorities are -

  • P1 - Urgent

  • P2 - High

  • P3 - Medium

  • P4 - Low

  • P5 - Info

Setting priority is a great way to indicate to your team the urgency to fix it. Additionally, you can setup alert rules to take actions automatically when the incident repeats itself. Example: ****P1 **** - Billing service downtime ****P2 **** - DB server running out of storage space


Assign severity to indicate the severity of damage to your systems.

Available severities are -

  • SEV1 - High

  • SEV2 - Medium

  • SEV3 - Low

Data leaks / Website service down is a good example of SEV1 - High severity.

Once set, we will remember the severity and priority when the incident occurs in the future.

Setting priority and severity

There are multiple ways to assign these properties to an incident.

From dashboard

Select incidents and the options for priority, severity, and mute will be available for you.

From Incident page

You will find these options on the incident page for both priority and severity.

From integrations (automated)

Integrations like Azure send priority and severity with their incident details. We will acknowledge this and overwrite your incident's priority and severity.

You can also send priority and severity with webhook integration. Learn more


Should I set both priority and severity?

It's recommended to do so, at least for critical incidents. However, if you would like, you can choose to only use one.

Who has access to set and unset?

Everyone. There is no access control because we believe tackling incidents is a team effort.

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