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Integrate Spike with AppDynamics

Service and Integration

Make sure to add the AppDynamics integration and copying the webhook.

Using webhooks with AppDynamics

Step 1

From the dashboard, go to the Alert & Respond menu.

Step 2

Select HTTP Request Templates.

Step 3

Add a Custom Templating Variable named sc_event_type and the default value as triggered. Paste the Spike webhook URL

Step 4

Paste the webhook provided below and add success criteria
"description": "${latestEvent.displayName} on ${latestEvent.node.name}",
"client": "AppDynamics",
"client_url": "${controllerUrl}",
"event_type": "${sc_event_type}",
"incident_key": "${latestEvent.node.name} - ${latestEvent.application.name}",
"details": {
"event_name": "${latestEvent.displayName}",
"message": "${latestEvent.eventMessage}",
"summary": "${latestEvent.summaryMessage}",
"event_id": "${latestEvent.id}",
"event_time": "${latestEvent.eventTime}",
"event_type_key": "${latestEvent.eventTypeKey}",
"node_name": "${latestEvent.node.name}",
"application_name": "${latestEvent.application.name}",
"event_type": "${latestEvent.eventType}",
"guid": "${latestEvent.guid}",
"severity": "${latestEvent.severity}"
This integration auto resolves