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Integrate Spike with Bugsnag
Get alerts on your platform's stability and monitor it's score with and Bugsnag

Service and integration

With Bugsnag integration, you can -
    Add unlimited Bugsnag integrations for each of your checks in different services
    Receive error alerts for all projects when logged on Bugsnag
    Monitor your business for all clients including tvOS
    Segment and get alerts for the right errors
    Alert the right person/team with multiple Bugsnag integrations across your services
Make sure to add the Bugsnag integration and copy the webhook.

Using the Webhook with Bugsnag

Step 1

Choose your project and goto Settings. Choose Data Forwarding to view all the options.

Step 2

Choose Webhook and paste the Spike Webhook URL
This integration auto resolves it's incidents


    How many services and integrations can I create on Spike?
    How many escalation policies can I have on Spike?
At Spike, we are working hard to integrate with all the tools your business uses. We are on a mission to help you identify incidents/crashes/spikes before your customers do.
If you have any integration in mind and would like us to build it for you then contact us at [email protected]
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