Rate limiting on duplicate incidents

Rate limiting for duplicate incidents.

To avoid noise and excessive information, duplicate incidents will be rate-limited for just 1 minute. We only rate-limit an incident and not an integration. These are the rules -

  • Trigger 20 duplicate incidents every 60 seconds (duplicate incidents will also get suppressed automatically)

  • After the first 60 seconds, rate limiting will be applied for 1 minute

  • Rate limiting will be uplifted after one minute and duplicate incidents will be allowed


Does this affect other incidents?

No. Any other incident on any integration including the integration for which incident was rate-limited will not be rate-limited or affected.

Will other incidents be triggered for the same integration?

Yes. We rate-limit an incident, not an integration.

Will I be informed about rate limiting?

Yes. Admins will get an email alert only when rate limiting applies. An email alert will be sent only once every 30 minutes.

What are duplicate incidents?

Spike.sh will parse a payload into human-readable format. We call this incident title. Incidents with the same title are duplicates.

Is any action needed to uplift the rate limits?

No action is needed on your end. Rate limiting is automatically set and uplifted in just one minute.

Will any incidents be missed?

No way. A duplicate incident has to be sent to your hooks endpoint a 20 times in under a minute for it to be rate-limited. You would have gotten alerts for the very first incident that was created.

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