Embed status page notifications on your website

To keep your visitors and/or users informed, you can choose to embed notifications for incidents and planned maintenance on your website

Status page notifications

Your operations status is critical to all your users. The goal of maintaining transparency is key here. It is cumbersome for your users to keep visiting your status page to check the status. Instead, you can proactively inform them by our embed feature.

Our embed feature displays live notifications of status page changes on any of your websites. Below is an example of how the notification looks --

Notifications are currently shown for Planned maintenance only. However, we are extending this feature to display ongoing notifications as well. You can track the progress and discuss it with us in our community.

Example use case:

  1. If you are a SAAS business, you can embed upcoming planned maintenance notifications on your dashboard. This way your users will be reminded and they can choose to take necessary actions

  2. Crypto trading platforms embed notifications for better transparency on their trading dashboards

  3. Your business home page is another great place to embed notifications.

When do the notifications appear?

Once your page load is complete, this notification appears within the next 5 seconds to your visitor. The notification is shown on the bottom left part of the screen and users have to click to hide it.

Notifications are only shown once every visitor

Set up

To set up notifications, visit the Embed feature from the sidebar. Copy the code or share it to embed this at the end of <body> tag in your HTML of every page you would like to show the notification.

While creating or editing a planned maintenance, enable Notify visitors.


To ensure security, add all your domains to Allow list. Notifications will be only pop-up on these domains.

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