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Integrate Spike with Grafana

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Grafana integration and copy the webhook.

Using the Webhook with Grafana

Step 1

Select Notification Channel from the menu.
Select Notification channels

Step 2

Click Add Channel to create a new Alerting rule.
Add Channel

Step 3

Choose a Name for the channel and type to be Webhook.
Paste the webhook URL under Webhook Settings.
Configure the channel
This integration automatically resolves it's incidents. You will, however, need to set up the Ok state in Grafana


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At Spike, we are working hard to integrate with all the tools your business uses. We are on a mission to help you identify incidents/crashes/spikes before your customers do.
If you have any integration in mind and would like us to build it for you then contact us at [email protected]
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