Change on-call rotation day

You can change the shift rotation day for your on-call. Here's how.

Change on-call rotation day

Suppor you have an on-call on weekly shift which rotates every Wednesday and wish to change it to rotate from Monday (or any other day) then please read carefully.

It comes with 2 caveats though and this documents how to solve them. Please read carefully before changing.

Example on-call

Assume we have a Primary on-call schedule with A, B, C, and D as on-call members in the exact sequence rotating their duties on a weekly basis. C is currently on-call. Next week, D will be on-call.

How to change?

You must use the schedule to start option. This helps you to schedule an on-call to start a future date. The strategy here is to change the existing schedule to start on the next Monday (or the day you wish to start). To change, Visit on-call schedule > Settings > Schedule to start later next monday and submit.

Caveats! Be wary of this. There are 2 caveats since our systems will pretty much treat this as a new on-call schedule.

  1. No-one will be on-call till the next Monday. To solve this problem, we would recommend you add an override to cover the gap till then.

  2. This will also change the on-call order. Before updating, C was currently on-call and D was supposed to go on-call next week. But now, we will have nobody on-call and A will be on-call again starting Monday. This resets the cycle.

To combat the above caveats, we recommend the following actions

  1. Add C as an override till the next Monday.

  2. Change the order of members going on-call to D,A,B,C. To do this, visit on-call schedule > edit > scroll to the layer and rearrage the order by holding the :: dots icon next to the names.

This would change the rotations from Monday to Monday.


Can this be undone?

No, this operation cannot be undone. To test, feel free to create a new on-call schedule. You can archive it later.

Can I schedule to start in the past?

No, we don't support scheduling an on-call to start in the past.

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