Integrate Spike with Dynatrace

Service and Integration

Make sure to add a Dynatrace integration and copy the webhook URL.

pageCreate integration and service on our dashboard

Using webhook with Dynatrace

Step 1

From your Dynatrace dashboard, navigate to > Settings > Integration > Problem notifications.

From the available options, select custom integration.

Step 2

Paste the Spike webhook URL.

Paste the following JSON payload in the Custom payload section of the integration.

    "State": "{State}",
    "ProblemID": "{ProblemID}",
    "PID": "{PID}",
    "ProblemTitle": "{ProblemTitle}",
    "ImpactedEntity": "{ImpactedEntity}",
    "ImpactedEntities": "{ImpactedEntities}",
    "ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
    "ProblemSeverity": "{ProblemSeverity}",
    "ProblemURL": "{ProblemURL}"

This integration auto resolves.

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