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Integrate Spike with New Relic

How to get Phone, SMS and Slack alerts from New Relic?

Service and integration

New Relic is a platform built to help engineers analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize their entire software stack from one place.

Use Webhook on New Relic

Step 1

Start by going to notification channels in the left menu.
Select notification channels

Step 2

In the Notification Channel, click to create a new channel and select Webhooks
Create a Webhook channel

Step 3

  • Configure the webhook as shown in the figure and paste the Spike.sh webhook in Base Url input.
  • Paste the custom payload from below and please make sure to not make any edits to the payload.
"account_id": "$ACCOUNT_ID",
"account_name": "$ACCOUNT_NAME",
"closed_violations_count_critical": "$CLOSED_VIOLATIONS_COUNT_CRITICAL",
"closed_violations_count_warning": "$CLOSED_VIOLATIONS_COUNT_WARNING",
"condition_family_id": "$CONDITION_FAMILY_ID",
"condition_id": "$CONDITION_ID",
"condition_name": "$CONDITION_NAME",
"current_state": "$EVENT_STATE",
"details": "$EVENT_DETAILS",
"duration": "$DURATION",
"event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
"incident_acknowledge_url": "$INCIDENT_ACKNOWLEDGE_URL",
"incident_id": "$INCIDENT_ID",
"incident_url": "$INCIDENT_URL",
"open_violations_count_critical": "$OPEN_VIOLATIONS_COUNT_CRITICAL",
"open_violations_count_warning": "$OPEN_VIOLATIONS_COUNT_WARNING",
"owner": "$EVENT_OWNER",
"policy_name": "$POLICY_NAME",
"policy_url": "$POLICY_URL",
"runbook_url": "$RUNBOOK_URL",
"severity": "$SEVERITY",
"targets": "$TARGETS",
"timestamp": "$TIMESTAMP",
"timestamp_utc_string": "$TIMESTAMP_UTC_STRING",
"violation_callback_url": "$VIOLATION_CALLBACK_URL",
"violation_chart_url": "$VIOLATION_CHART_URL",
"team": "DevOps"
Paste webhook and payload to new relic
Customising the payload yourself might affect the incident messages, so please avoid it. Not using custom payloads will most likely cause incident message parsing to fail