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Integrate Spike with Sumo Logic

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Sumo Logic integration and copy the webhook.


Using Webhooks with Sumo Logic

Step 1

Navigate to the alerts page and open the connections tab.


Step 2

Select the webhook connection type.


Step 3

Paste the Spike webhook URL and the JSON provided below.


"Name": "{{Name}}",
"Description": "{{Description}}",
"MonitorType": "{{MonitorType}}",
"Query": "{{Query}}",
"QueryURL": "{{QueryURL}}",
"ResultsJson": "{{ResultsJson}}",
"NumQueryResults": "{{NumQueryResults}}",
"Id": "{{Id}}",
"DetectionMethod": "{{DetectionMethod}}",
"TriggerType": "{{TriggerType}}",
"TriggerTimeRange": "{{TriggerTimeRange}}",
"TriggerTime": "{{TriggerTime}}",
"TriggerCondition": "{{TriggerCondition}}",
"TriggerValue": "{{TriggerValue}}",
"TriggerTimeStart": "{{TriggerTimeStart}}",
"TriggerTimeEnd": "{{TriggerTimeEnd}}",
"SourceURL": "{{SourceURL}}"