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Integrate Spike with Cronitor

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Cronhub integration and copy the webhook.

Using the Webhook with Cronitor

Step 1

From the dashboard, choose the monitor
Select a Monitor

Step 2

Configure the monitor according to the needs.

Step 3

In the Alert Reciepients pannel, choose Webhook and paste the spike hooks URL here.
Paste the Webhook URL


  1. 1.
    How many services and integrations can I create on Spike?
    • Unlimited
  2. 2.
    How many escalation policies can I have on Spike?
    • Unlimited
At Spike, we are working hard to integrate with all the tools your business uses. We are on a mission to help you identify incidents/crashes/spikes before your customers do.
If you have any integration in mind and would like us to build it for you then contact us at [email protected].