Integrate Spike with Google Cloud

Service and Integration

Make sure you have the service and integration already setup for Google Cloud. Follow the link below on instructions of how to create integration and service

Use the webhook on Google Cloud

We will create a webhook on Stackdriver to integrate directly with Spike. There is no limit to the number of Spike's webhooks you can add on Google Cloud

Login to your Google Cloud console and find Stackdriver in the left hand side panel.

Navigate through the left hand side panel to search for Stackdriver. Click on Monitoring. This will take you to the home page for Stackdriver in your console.

On the top left hand side on header, click on your Workspace name and go to settings

Once you are in your workspace settings, do the following -

  1. Click on Notifications

  2. Select Webhooks

  3. Click on Add Webhook

Enter the webhook you copied earlier along with the unique username and password credentials spike gives for your integration. Every integration will have a unique username password combination.

Hit Test Connection and Save

Testing your webhook will create a test incident. Resolve the test incident immediately. This test incident will not have any metrics though.

If it fails, make sure you have pasted the right username and password. Refresh the page after a few tries. We are always available on the Live chat on your dashboard. You can also reach out to us on

Using it in Stackdriver

In Stackdriver, click on Alerting on the left sidebar and choose Create a Policy.

For your existing policies, you can simply edit and choose the same steps mentioned

Inside of Notifications, click on the dropdown menu and select Webhook with Basic Authentication.

Choose the integration which can be searched by name and hit Add notification channel.


  1. How many services and integrations can i create on Spike?

    • Unlimited

  2. How many escalation policies can i have on Spike?

    • Unlimited

  3. How many SNS topics can i create on AWS?

    • Unlimited.

At Spike, we are working hard to integrate with all the tools your business uses. We are on a mission to help you identify incidents/crashes/spikes before your customers do.

If you have an integration in mind and would like us to build it for you then contact us at