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Integrate Spike with Datadog

Service and integration

Make sure to add the Datadog integration and copying the webhook.

Using the webhook with Datadog

Step 1

Select Integrations from the Sidebar
Select Inr

Step 2

Select Webhooks
Select Webhook

Step 3

Fill out the details and paste the Spike hooks URL in the URL field
Datadog Webhook

Step 4

Copy the below payload and paste it on Datadog. Alternatively, you can add your own payload or customise ours with the many variables Datadog provides.
Make sure to 1. Add $AGGREG_KEY so your incidents will auto-resolve. 2. Add $ALERT_TRANSITION so we know if the event is for triggering or resolving.
"body": "$EVENT_MSG",
"last_updated": "$LAST_UPDATED",
"event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
"title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
"date": "$DATE",
"alert_transition": "$ALERT_TRANSITION",
"aggreg_key": "$AGGREG_KEY",
"org": {
"id": "$ORG_ID",
"name": "$ORG_NAME"
"id": "$ID"
At Spike, we are working hard to integrate with all the tools your business uses. We are on a mission to help you identify incidents/crashes/spikes before your customers do.
If you have any integration in mind and would like us to build it for you then contact us at [email protected].