Incident statuses

A status would determine the state of the incident among acknowledged or resolved

What are different Incident statuses?

There are mainly 3 states -

  1. Triggered 🔥

  2. Acknowledged 👩‍💻

  3. Resolved

1. Triggered 🔥

Every incident which comes to Spike will be first in the triggered state. It would mean that someone will need to look into this and address the problem.

Alerts are sent to members as long as an incident remains in this state.

2. Acknowledged 👩‍💻

An acknowledged state of the incident would mean that you have begun to look into the incident. Alternatively, this also means that work to resolve this incident has begun.

In this state, repeat incidents are automatically suppressed and logged reducing alert fatigue.

We highly recommend setting an acknowledge timeout for all your incidents.

pageAcknowledge timeout

3. Resolved ✅

Once an incident is fixed, you mark it as resolved. This is the end state for all incidents.

If a similar incident is triggered then a new incident is created.

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