Create integration and service on dashboard

Integrations has to be added to a service. In this doc we will take you through the process of how to create a service and add any number of integrations to it.

What is a service?

You can think of services as a microservice. Services are a way to scope your internal services from your architecture. Each of your service can have multiple integrations and you can create unlimited number of services. We highly encourage you to create different services for each of your different modules.

Learn more about services.

Service section

You can create a new service by clicking on the New Service button on the services page.

Give it an appropriate name, for ex: Billing service. ( This way you can also integrate your payment gateway by adding another integration for every time payments fail ). Under integration, select AWS as an example and select your escalation policy. Hit Create service! Learn more about escalation policies.

Once the service is created you will be able to see an overview of your service with all of it's integrations.

The last bit on our dashboard is the final step of copying the webhook to be used on AWS. So, get the webhook by clicking on the Copy Webhook button .